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Small Business – the challenges of being in a niche market

A small business in a niche market will always be a competitive proposition and an energy thief of the owner: you need grit, determination and strong self-belief (as well as belief in your product) to make a go of it. Ask anyone who is currently running a small business.


Roll up and Join up – Your Business Network is waiting for you!

When community links can support you during tough times, there’s never a better time to join a local networking group.  One such group is the Marcellin Business Network. Not only does this network cultivate connections through solid Marcellin principles, but it is the empowerment of the close-knit community and trusted Marcellin Economy.

Networking – the benefits of connecting during economic disruption

We’re familiar with the call to action to network in our career so as to improve our business connections. Strong connections lead to strong friendships. Indeed many who have worked in senior leadership positions where the deadlines are tight and the pressure can cook you like a well-done steak often say “the best workers in my team became my best friends.”

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Local community, keeping connected and running businesses are all closely intertwined.  Healthy relationships flow reciprocally from professional to  personal areas and are very rewarding.

My business experience stems from owning small businesses, working with Business Networks and having worked internationally. I have also for many years, been involved at the local community level with volunteer groups and committees.

My personal experience has been formed largely by my family, my husband of twenty years and our five children, and provides a dynamic backdrop to all of my endeavours. Learning new ways of doing things is de rigueur in our household and keeps me on my toes!

I look forward to hearing from you with your feedback and stories.

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Maureen Hegarty